Do all looked after children have additional support needs?

Last updated: 14/07/16


The 2009 ASL Act says that all looked after children and young people have additional support needs unless the education authority, after assessment, decides they do not need additional support to benefit from their education. This means that the education authority must identify the additional support needs, if any, of every looked after child or [read more...]

My child is finding school difficult. What can I do?

Last updated: 14/07/16

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As a parent you are an expert on your child. If you notice your child is having difficulty with some part of their school work, it is important you discuss your worries with their teacher. Your child’s teacher will normally identify children in their class who need more attention or planning. If you feel your [read more...]

ASL Myth: Local authorities must respond to a parent’s request for a specific assessment within a certain time period.

Last updated: 04/11/15

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FACTS: Under the ASL Act, parents can ask education authorities to consider whether their child has additional support needs. At the same time they can ask for a specific type of assessment (such as an educational, medical or psychological assessment or examination). They can also ask for a specific assessment at any time for a child who has additional support needs. Education authorities must agree to both types of [read more...]

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