Additional support

Pupil Inclusion Network Scotland (PINS)

Last updated: 16/09/10

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View PINS resources to support young people who are excluded, disaffected or disengaged from schools. [read more...]

Books for All Scotland Project

Last updated: 25/03/15

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A useful resources aimed at ensuring pupils with print disabilities have access to curriculum material. [read more...]

HMIE: A Journey to Excellence

Last updated: 25/03/15

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An opportunity to view HMIE’s selection of good practice from special and mainstream schools. [read more...]

THE RETREAT – ‘a calm and happy place’.

Last updated: 25/03/15

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Enquire staff recently visited Niddriemill Primary School in Edinburgh to find out about THE RETREAT, the schools dedicated ‘getaway’ room which provides support and guidance for pupils who attend the school and their families. [read more...]

ASL Myth: Additional support means one-to-one support in class

Last updated: 04/11/15


One part of additional support for learning that confuses parents contacting our helpline — and one that can often cause disagreements between families and education staff, is the duty for education authorities to provide “adequate and efficient” additional support for pupils who require it. [read more...]

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