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From the margins to mainstream: Enquire’s Annual Conference

Read what some fascinating speakers had to say at our 2017 annual conference. [read more...]

Top tips for school staff working with children who are adopted

“Simple things are often the most helpful.” 11 useful suggestions for school staff working with adopted children [read more...]

What you need to know if your child is missing school.

As they grow up children often miss a bit of school now and again because of common childhood illnesses. This doesn’t usually affect their education as they will catch up with any work they missed. But if a child misses a lot of school it can have a big impact on their education and how [read more...]

Royal Blind Learning Hub – providing support to school staff across Scotland

Enquire staff were lucky enough recently to catch up with Davina Shiell from Royal Blind in Edinburgh to find out more about their fantastic learning hub. For many years the Royal Blind School has supported teachers in mainstream schools that have visually impaired children on an ad-hoc basis. The Royal Blind Learning Hub has now been created to pull together [read more...]

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