Understanding the basics

Understanding the basics 1 – What is additional support for learning?

This is the first of a series of blogs looking at some of the key information about how children are supported in school. Look out for future posts about: How does Getting it Right for Every Child and Additional Support for Learning fit together? Assessment Staged Interventions – What’s it all about? What does the [read more...]

Understanding the basics 2: How does Getting it Right for Every Child and Additional Support for Learning fit together?

It’s easy for people who work in the children’s sector to forget that the daily language they use is gobbledygook to most parents. It’s all too easy to start using shorthand –  (GIRFEC, ASL, CSP’s, SHANARRI, CfE,)* etc and forget these mean nothing to most parents until they are sitting in a room with professionals waiting [read more...]

Understanding the basics 3: Assessment

Parents contact Enquire’s helpline at various times in their child’s life but we often hear from parents first when they are worried their child may have additional support needs or they feel their additional support needs have not been fully identified. This can be an emotional and worrying time and families are often not sure [read more...]

Understanding the basics 4: Choosing a school

On our helpline we often hear from parents and carers who are trying to decide which school is best for their child. Although parents don’t have a right to visit prospective schools the majority of schools will welcome visitors. If you are able to visit a school you may find the following tips useful: Some [read more...]

Understanding the basics 5: What does the law say about part-time education?

We sometimes hear from parents whose children are not attending school full-time and who want to know what their child’s rights are to full-time education. Here’s some information that parents find useful when discussing full and part-time education with their school or local authority: A child has the right to an education that meets his [read more...]

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