SHANARRI: How Enquire supports wellbeing

ActiveGetting it Right for Every Child (or GIRFEC) is the national approach to improving outcomes for all children.  The wellbeing of all children and young people is at the heart of GIRFEC. Services should work with each other to make sure children, young people and their families get support where needed.

To support this work a standard definition of wellbeing has been developed- that children and young people should be Safe, Healthy, Achieving Nurtured, Active, Respected, Responsible and Included. These wellbeing indicators (often called the SHANARRI indicators) are necessary for a child or young person to reach their potential. When thinking about a child’s wellbeing, professionals will use the SHANARRI indicators and wellbeing wheel to decide whether support is needed and what type of support would help the child most.

Safe pictureEnquire provides advice to families as well as to professionals who are working with children and young people. Here’s just some of the ways we believe our advice and information is contributing to improving children’s wellbeing:

Safe: We provide advice to families worried their child may not have the right support to keep them safe at school.

Healthy: We help parents or carers of children who are struggling to attend school due to ill-health or anxiety understand their rights to education while they are off school.

Achieving: We can help if parents are worried their child may have additional support needs but don’t know how to ask for an assessment.

Nurtured: Through our children and young people’s website we share stories from pupils who have additional support needs about what has helped them in school.

Active: Our advice can help families whose children have not been allowed to take part in activities in school.

Respected: We provide information to professionals about children’s rights to be part of decisions about their education and support.

Responsible: Our guides help and encourage children and young people know their rights to ask for help with their learning.

Included: We promote children’s voices about the importance of being included in all parts of school and community life.

To find out more about GIRFEC,  SHANARRI or wellbeing wheel visit the Scottish Government website.

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