Royal Blind Learning Hub – providing support to school staff across Scotland

Royal Blind School friendsEnquire staff were lucky enough recently to catch up with Davina Shiell from Royal Blind in Edinburgh to find out more about their fantastic learning hub. For many years the Royal Blind School has supported teachers in mainstream schools that have visually impaired children on an ad-hoc basis. The Royal Blind Learning Hub has now been created to pull together a huge amount of expertise and resources into one place that mainstream educators can tap into.

The Royal Blind Learning Hub provides training courses, support, advice and workshops to teachers and educators of visually impaired children and young people across Scotland. The support they offer focuses on the key skills required by children with visual impairment in order to access the curriculum. As well as fantastic free seminars – on topics such as Visual Impairment Awareness Training – they have some “how to” videos designed especially for teachers. Over the coming months they hope to produce even more resources.
If more hands-on support is needed Royal Blind Learning Hub staff can provide direct support to schools through one-to-one contact and outreach work.

To find out more about the support available contact Sally Paterson the Learning Hub Manager or visit their website .

The Royal Blind School also offers short term placements that provide opportunities for assessment in amongst other things – Functional Visual Assessment, Braille, technology independent living skills and more. It’s also a great opportunity for young people with visual impairment to socialise with other pupils who are visually impaired.


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