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ASL Myth: Additional support means one-to-one support in class


One part of additional support for learning that confuses parents contacting our helpline — and one that can often cause disagreements between families and education staff, is the duty for education authorities to provide “adequate and efficient” additional support for pupils who require it. [read more...]

Maggie Tierney, the Deputy Director (Support for Learning), Scottish government Learning Directorate


This interview was first published in the April 2010 issue of Enquire within What does the role of Deputy Director involve? My role involves supporting Ministers to deliver the 15 national outcomes set out in the Scottish government’s National Performance Framework. In leading the Support for Learning Division within the Learning Directorate, my job is [read more...]

ASL Myth: Education authorities must accept the findings of private assessments and act on recommendations in them

Parents turn to private assessments for a number of reasons and they can provide parents with the long-awaited confirmation they want – that their child has a particular additional support need or condition and should have extra help in school. [read more...]

Fiona Cowieson, Principal Teacher of Guidance, Fife


If you had to sum up the role of Guidance within the modern education system, how would you do it? I feel my role as a guidance teacher is to have an overview of the social and emotional welfare and the academic progress of each pupil in my caseload and to monitor this from their [read more...]

Jane Mallinson, Speech and Language Therapist, NHS Lothian


This interview was first published in the September 2009 issue of Enquire within What is the role of a Speech and Language Therapist? A paediatric speech and language therapist has a variety of different roles and these are constantly evolving as we respond to the various national drivers, including the ASL Act. We work with [read more...]

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