Being in a classroom doesn’t mean you are included. Enable Scotland’s new campaign

Girl gazing out windowEnable Scotland have launched a national conversation – Included in the Main?! – to find out what education is like for young people with learning disabilities.

They believe too many young people who have learning disabilities are still excluded in school:
• By friends and peers
• From classroom and curriculum
• From opportunities and activities that make up the whole of school life

Enable Scotland hope the national conversation will provide a chance to make inclusive education a reality. They want people, including pupils, families, carers and professionals from across Scotland, to talk about their experiences and share what they think makes education truly inclusive.

So if you have experiences to share – good or bad – get involved. JOIN THE CONVERSATION! There are lots of ways to get involved.

Fill in one of the Included in the Main?! surveys
a. For young people
b. For parents and carers
c. For teachers (coming soon)

Or send your story, by video or email,  to

Keep up to date with the conversation at Enable Scotland website, Facebook and Twitter (#IncludEDScot)

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