Improving childhoods – Children in Scotland manifesto

election letters on pinboardWith less than a week to go until the Scottish elections education, children’s rights and wellbeing are hot topics for the political parties campaigning for our votes.

In the recent Children in Scotland election special magazine four of Scotland’s main party leaders,  as well as First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, set out their visions for children, young people and families. It makes for interesting reading! What’s clear is there is a huge political will to improve the lives of all children and young people in Scotland by addressing poverty, inequality and poor health.

But what is required in practical terms to making these visions a reality? Children in Scotland, the umbrella agency for the children’s sector in Scotland, has developed a manifesto for 2016 -21 which identities 3 key areas where change is required – Championing participation and inclusion,  Removing inequalities and combating poverty and Prioritising early intervention and prevention.

Young boy thinking in classEnquire, as part of Children in Scotland, contributed to identifying priorities within these areas and our experience of key issues for children and young people with additional support needs.

Of the 10 priorities identified 3 will be of particular interest to families of children with additional support needs:

  • Under Championing participation and inclusion Children in Scotland is calling for awareness raising of the spectrum of Additional Support Needs so every school becomes an inclusive environment for every child.
  • Under Removing inequalities and combating poverty a key call for action is a commitment to no further reductions in the local authority spending for 2016-17 to protect essential services for children and families
  • Under Prioritising early intervention and prevention Children in Scotland call for investment in mental health prevention and early intervention approaches for children and young people to stop problems deteriorating to the extent they require specialist CAMHS services.

Who will be driving forward improvement will be decided on 5th May but whoever takes up the reigns should ensure that parents, carers, children and young people are equal partners on the journey.

The responses of all the parties on key electoral questions on health, education, poverty and early learning can be found in the Children in Scotland election special magazine.





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