Families + Schools = Partners

Listening to parents: New parent representative on Enquire’s Advisory Group

Read about just one of the ways Enquire listens to parents and carers. [read more...]

Working well with parents and carers

We recently wrote a blog post for parents providing tips for successful communication with a child’s school and have received good feedback on how useful these are. In this post we focus on what school staff can do to contribute to positive relationships with parents. Using information from the Supporting Children’s Learning Code of Practice [read more...]

Six steps for successful communication

Two common worries we hear about from parents contacting our helpline are communicating with their child’s school and attending meetings. Using guidance produced by the US agency CADRE (Consortium for Appropriate Dispute Resolution in Special Education) we’ve put together six steps for successful communication with a child’s school which might also help parents feel more [read more...]

Positive impact of Mediation

Most disagreements about a child’s additional support needs or additional support for learning can be resolved at either school or local authority level. However, if this is not possible, parents, schools or local authorities can request independent mediation. Mediation brings parties together to work with each other to try to resolve a disagreement. It gives participants [read more...]

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