Developing policy and legislation

A positive approach to preventing and managing exclusions: New guidance

In June 2017, the Scottish Government published guidance called Included, Engaged and Involved Part 2: A Positive Approach to Preventing and Managing School Exclusions . (This new guidance updates existing advice on managing exclusions published in 2011). The 2017 guidance provides a stronger focus on approaches that can be used to prevent exclusions. Scottish Government figures show that exclusions from school are more common amongst certain groups of children and young people: those [read more...]

Guidance on the education of children with healthcare needs

Read about Children in Scotland’s response to the Scottish Government on Guidance on healthcare needs in school. [read more...]

Update: Hearing and sharing views about experiences of additional support in schools

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Find out what’s happening at national level about listening to people’s views of additional support for learning in schools. [read more...]

Have your say on additional support for learning

Find out how to share your experiences of additional support for learning in Scottish schools. [read more...]

Our generation’s epidemic: Young people’s awareness and experience of mental health information, support and services

New research from the Scottish Youth Parliament highlights some worrying findings relating to young people and their mental health. [read more...]

New rights for children with additional support needs

The Education (Scotland) Act 2016 – what’s it all about? The Education (Scotland) Act 2016 is a new law brought in by the Scottish Government to support a range of improvements to Scottish education including: improving the attainment of pupils from poorer backgrounds;  widening access to gaelic medium education; giving children a voice in matters that affect them; and extending [read more...]

SHANARRI: How Enquire supports wellbeing

Getting it Right for Every Child (or GIRFEC) is the national approach to improving outcomes for all children.  The wellbeing of all children and young people is at the heart of GIRFEC. Services should work with each other to make sure children, young people and their families get support where needed. To support this work a standard [read more...]

Report to Parliament: Implementation of the Additional Support for Learning Act

This week saw the publication of the fifth and final report on the implementation of the Education (Additional Support for Learning) (Scotland) Act. The theme for the 2016 report is children and young people’s mental health. The report highlights major developments relating to support for children and young people with additional support needs in education [read more...]

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