MYTH: It is not possible to appeal the exclusion of a child with additional support needs

All parents have the right to appeal an exclusion (pupils may also appeal the exclusion if they are able to understand the process of appealing).

When a child is excluded the school must, within 8 days, write to you to tell you why your child was excluded, any conditions for your child’s readmission to school and provide details of your right to appeal the decision. This letter should also tell you how to make this appeal. This normally involves writing a letter to the education authority explaining why you think the exclusion is unfair.

If your child is 16 or 17, this information will be sent to them and the appeal will be made in their name unless they are unable to understand because of their additional support needs.

An education appeal committee hears exclusion appeals. The hearing should take place within 28 days of them receiving your appeal letter.  The committee will either agree with the school’s decision or disagree. If your appeal is upheld the school must change your child’s records to show that the exclusion was overturned.


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