How Enquire helps young people

Advice on a wide range of issues impacting on young people at school 

Reach is Enquire’s website for young people, offering advice about extra support for learning.

Our core message is that no one is out of reach, and that the right support can make all the difference to pupils who are struggling at school.

Reach pulls together advice, stories and film from young people and a range of youth and support organisations.

We hope it will be a ‘go-to’ source of advice for pupils dealing with all sorts of issues that are impacting on their school experience.

We put a big focus on sharing young people’s stories and views, as many young people have told us that it really helps to know you’re not the only one facing issues at school.

Young People’s Voices

We work with youth advisors from schools and youth organisations all over Scotland to ensure that the information and advice we give is what young people want and need. Our goal is to engage young people in meaningful, ongoing dialogue and to enable them to have effective and fulfilling participation in our work. Young people are actively listened to, treated fairly and have their opinions respected and taken seriously.

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