How Enquire helps young people


r005-girl-with-bob-green-600px-150x150Our website for young people Reach is our ‘go-to’ source of advice for pupils dealing with life issues that might impact on their ability to get the most from and enjoy school. 
Reach  pulls together advice, stories and film from diverse schools, youth projects and support organisations. It aims to give young people with a wide range of life issues and additional support needs the opportunity to share their views and experiences on My Say.
Our message 
Our key message is that no one is out of reach, and that the right support can make all the difference in helping young people get more out of their education.

Life issues covered on Reach 

Young People’s Voices 
The development of the website was shaped by over 75 youth advisors from schools, support bases and youthr008-girl-leaning0-forward-green-600px-150x150 forums who helped ensure that the information and advice we give is what young people actually want and need. We continue to work with diverse young people from around Scotland to engage them in meaningful and fulfilling participation and to champion the voices of those with additional support needs.



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