How Enquire helps children and young people

If a child or young person needs extra support at school for any reason, Enquire can help them to understand their rights.

We offer lots of ways for pupils to find out about support for learning and hear from other children and young people about their experiences and what has helped them.

Our website for children and young people gives pupils the chance to voice their ideas and opinions on support at school. It includes:

boy making a painting

  • A blog featuring young people’s views on a range of issues that impact on school experience, including transitions, being in care, poverty, caring for someone at home, depression, disability and more.
  • Interviews with children and young people sharing their views.
  • A map of local out of school youth projects and advocacy projects around Scotland, including details about how accessible they are – Your Area.

Our YouTube channel features our films and interviews with children and young people.

We have written the following easy-read advice guides for children and young people:

All guides have been written with help from pupils. As well as the standard format they are also available in large print. 

We actively listen to children and young people and involve them in our work by:

Our helpline is available to children and young people wanting someone to listen to the challenges they are facing at school and advise on their rights to extra support.

How you can support Enquire’s work with children and young people:

0345 123 2303
Enquire Visit our site for
children and young people

Helpline: 0345 123 2303

Visit our website for children and young people