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Helping young people understand their rights at school

No one is out of reach

Reach is our young people’s website dedicated to giving advice and information to pupils about their rights to feel supported, included, listened to and involved in decisions at school. 

  • With practical tips on what can help and young people sharing their views and experiences on all sorts of school issues, Reach is the ‘go-to’ source of advice to help pupils make the most out of their education.
  • The core message of Reach is that no one is out of reach, and that the right support can make all the difference to pupils having a hard time at school.
  • Reach aims to challenge the stigma associated with needing help and to offer positive role models who have achieved success in spite of – or because of – their support needs.

Young people’s voices

Make your voice heard Reach postcardReach puts a big focus on sharing young people’s own life stories, as many young people have told us they are more likely to listen to advice from their peers and that it helps to know you’re not the only one having problems.

Reach’s vision is to engage young people in meaningful, ongoing dialogue and to support them to have effective and fulfilling participation in our work. We make sure diverse young people shape our information strategy, so that the advice we give about support for learning is what young people actually want and need.

Reach has advice, rights info and ideas for other people who can help. Areas covered include:

Feeling rubbish about school?

Resources for young people 

Feel like no one's listening to you at school? To order some Reach postcards for young people, please get in touch with our helpline on 0345 123 2303 or by  info@enquire.org.uk.

Reach has 3 animations for young people 1) why it’s good to talk about problems at school even when it’s hard to 2) their rights to be supported and involved in decisions at school 3) their rights to an advocate to help make their voice heard at school. Watch the animations on the Reach YouTube channel. 

Reach is also on Instagram and Twitter.


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Reach is our website offering pupils advice and information about getting the right support in school.

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